Does Erb’s Construction provide free estimates?

On a typical remodeling project, Erb’s Construction will meet with you at your home for an initial consultation to discuss your project and gather pertinent information to your project.  This gathered information will be used to generate an estimated preliminary cost for the proposed project.  This estimate is presented free of charge.

Does Erb’s Construction use a contract?

Erb’s Construction will provide a construction contract printed on company letterhead.  The contract will specify in detail what work is going to be completed by Erb’s Construction for the stated price.  This contract also gives the complete payment schedule and will be signed by the homeowner before any work is started.

Why is a contract needed?

Erb’s Construction wants to insure that the Customer is provided all the details of their project.  The cost and payment schedules are stated in the contract.  Once the contract is signed it is a binding contract between Erb’s Construction and the customer.  The contract lets the customer know the cost of the project before the work is started.  A contract is Peace of Mind.  The cost in the contract for the work stated is the cost at the end of the job.  No upping the price or scam tactics are employed.

What if I need additional work done?

Erb’s Construction maintains a tight schedule over projects.  If the additional work will not delay the schedule and can be completed at the time of the original proposed work, it will be done as a change order and the price will be discussed before the additional work is started.

What is a change order?

A change order is an addendum to the original contract.  A change order is generated because the homeowner would like Erb’s Construction to do additional work that is not stated in the original contract.  Erb’s Construction will be happy to do the additional work as long as the homeowner and Erb’s Construction are in agreement that there is an additional cost to the job and that the cost is acceptable to the homeowner before the additional work is started.

Is Erb’s Construction insured?

Yes, Erb’s Construction, including employees and any trade subcontractors, has full liability coverage.

Does Erb’s Construction accept credit card payments for remodeling projects?

No, however almost all credit card companies will issue a paper check or a convenience check if they are called and asked to provide one to the user.  That check may be used to pay Erb’s Construction.

Can I talk with other clients that have hired Erb’s Construction for projects similar to mine?

Erb’s Construction will gladly provide a list of previous clients who used Erb’s Construction for similar projects.  We feel that the testimony of our former clients is the best indicator of the quality work and services we provide as a contractor.

How will I be billed for my project?

A down payment will be required when the contract is signed.  The contract outlines the payment schedule for the duration of the project.


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